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CNG Sequential Reducer: CNG Sequential Reducer is an important part of CNG Kit. Automoto CNG reducer is a two stage pressure reducer for sequential injection which provides a constant outlet flow in all Environment conditions. The outlet pressure of Automoto reducer is adjustable to obtain the best performance and is provided with an adjustable fitting that has also the connection for pressure manometer.
Automoto reducer is passed by VCA, London as per ISO 15500-9
Automoto is also sanctioned by ICAT, Manesar.

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ECU MP-32 is imported from Italy and is a programmable ECU. ECU stands for electronic circuit unit which controls the fuel injection in the engine of the car. Petrol ECU is already fitted in car from the OEM’s (Original Engine Manufacturers). In CNG sequential system, the CNG ECU is synchronized with the petrol ECU to give the identical performance with both the fuels i.e. CNG and Petrol. ECU is the brain of entire CNG sequential system.
Automoto ECU MP-32 is an innovative and technologically advanced CNG ECU which is manufactured by the Italian company AEB. AEB is the world’s best manufacturing company of CNG/LPG electronic. MP-32 is dedicated to the 3 and 4-cylinder cars and equipped with the latest generation of processor, making it fully compatible with the latest cars.





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The injector rail in a CNG sequential system is meant to inject the controlled quantity of CNG fuel at specific intervals of time (as programmed in ECU). The programming is done in such a way that the petrol injectors and the CNG/LPG injectors perform identically.

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Steel pipe is the pipe through which gas from the cylinder comes to the reducer. The Steel pipe is approx. six metres in length and comes from the cylinder compartment to the Engine compartment. Automoto provides the best quality steel pipes which are extensively tested in different environments and meets international standard ISO 15500.

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Filling Valve is the valve through which the CNG is refilled in the gas cylinder. Automoto uses filling valves that matches with international standard and matches the world’s class best quality.

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The changeover happens automatically at the rpm set by during the software programming (usually 1200 rpm). It is not required to press the switch for the changeover unlike conventional systems.
When the Top Right Side of Switch (Petrol logo) is lighted (orange color), it means your car is running on petrol.
If the Bottom Right Side (in front of G) are lighted (in Green Color) , it means your car is in CNG.

How switch works?
The car starts (ignition), the orange light is ON indicating car is on petrol,
As we press accelerator (rpm increases) , it automatically switches to CNG as it reaches the set rpm(programmed i.e. 1200 rpm) Green lights become visible as car is now running on CNG.
The number of lights indicates the quantity of CNG available in the gas cylinder.
Even if CNG is still available in gas cylinder and you want to switch into petrol, then just press the switch once. It will be switched to petrol. You will not feel any knocking during fuel conversions.
When the red light becomes visible, it means that CNG is in its last phase. It will still run few Km’s.
When the CNG gets over completely, then the “beep” sound will be heard from the switch and the 5 lights in front of “R” starts blinking. It will automatically switch back to petrol. If not, just press the switch and it will switch to petrol.